Epic Fail

I had my Hindi exam today. It's not fair that I'm being forced to take Hindi in college but that's D.U. for you. Trying to strip us all of our regional allegiances and turn us all into those J-people everyone warned me about. But D.U. magnanimously allowed me to do Lower Hindi. Doesn't matter. I'm pretty sure I failed anyway.

I couldn't understand what the first question said. I recognised the word "bhasha" and it was for seven marks. So after racking my brains a bit, I wrote: Hindi bhasha bahooth purana bhasha hai.

No clue what question 2 was about, onto question 3 which was grammar. I got some synonyms- not all, but some. For the opposites I just put an "a" before every word. Didn't know what the idioms meant but there was one sentence about pouring ghee on anger so I thought maybe it meant anger cooling down or something. So I wrote a long, incorrect sentence about a father and his truant yet repentant son.

Then was an essay on "Plastic ki duniya". I laughed a lot to myself while writing the answer to that.

Then there was a letter. Actually, two. We had to choose one. I wasn't sure what either of them meant so I just scribbled the format and wrote "Pria Mataji" and then at the bottom, "Apka beti, Mira" (I was too embarrassed to put my own name in). Mawii went one step better and addressed her "Pria Dost", saying she was "theek hoon", was the Pria Dost also "theek hoon?" We later found out that they were both formal letters dealing with rising school fees and the construction of parks in localities.

The last question was 400 words on what I'd do if I was a crorepati. I said I'd travel the world, educate children in India and live in a chota koti by the sagar and take a nauka out to the sagar and never come back.

And I never thought I'd say this but I'd give ANYTHING to do Bengali instead. I kept slipping into it while writing my paper. It's so much more elegant. None of these "yuhs" and "nahis" and "yahas" and "hos" and their tables are all 'its' like tables should be.


Rum Bum said...

uh-oh your roots are showing darling :D
I love you and mawii- you make me feel insanely better about moi.

trish said...

You're lucky you have such obliging friends, you know.

Anonymous said...

i remember reading somewhere, (not somewhere authoritative, so do nawt depend too much on this) that languages are sweeter in areas which are warm and fertile as people have to work less for the same amount of food, and thereby have more time to talk. marwari is a very rough language. in comparison, malayali is a very lilting language. similarly the dry heartlands of Haryana and UP can hardly give rise to mellifluous words as compared to sonar bangla. while you might bring up the argument that Urdu is mellifluous too despite being the language of army camps, while serving the same geographic catchment area, Urdu has roots which have travelled more, adding to its diversity, namely Persian and Arabic, while Hindi is merely a bastardized form of Sanskrit, initially passed on to those who were considered incapable of mastering the subtleties of Sanskrit proper. I now hereby sincerely apologize for talking like an encyclopaedia with a swollen head. i promise not to do it too often. Feel free to clonk me on the noggin with a volume of the aforementioned.

Jayatri said...

manjudi zindabad?

Zaev Dutt said...


Spin said...

Haha, "plastic ki duniya".