Twenty One Things to Do Before I Pass Twenty One

1. Grow hair to elbows (and then cut it off) 

2. Drink white rum in a Portugal bar 

3. Scuba dive off the Great Barrier Reef

4. Write a novel on the Tudors and get it publicly praised by David Starkey 

5. Boil an egg 

6. Get one of my brothers to procreate so I can be an aunt before middle age OR take part in a gay pride parade

7. Have a one night stand with an incredibly attractive and suave Spaniard who can't speak English. 

8. Learn to stand on head

9. Dress in green and shoot an apple with a bow and arrow  

10. Get into an excellent university abroad for post-grad/ decide on a career path

11. Backpack through Eastern Europe 

12. Do something- anything- to make the world just a little bit better than it is now. 

13. Milk a cow

14. Attend Wimbledon 

15. Swim with a dolphin

16. Oktoberfest and the Rio Carnival 

17. Go whale watching 

18. Go to a Bob Dylan (or Rolling Stones) concert. 

19. Spend a night in jail or in the wilderness, alone. 

20. Watch an orchestral performance in Vienna 

21. I can't decide between these two: a) climb an active volcano, b) spend an entire week in the cosiest bed in the world, with lots of chocolate and books and pillows. 

The next two years are going to be busy. 


blinknmiss said...

Swim with dolphin, yes. Milk a cow, no. Stand on head, why?

And I'm already an aunt. Hah.

Weirdo guy said...

what is it with women and spanish guys anyway ?? :/

Prianthi Roy said...

This is almost like something out of a fairytale, a really modern one.

Bosey said...

dont depend on the brothers to make you an aunt anytime soon. not going to happen!

Rum Bum said...

If you do 1/3rd of the things on the list I will stand on my head and milk a cow.

trish said...

Naomi, your photograph is obscene.

Whippersnapper said...

No It's not....at least I don't see how it is .

Anonymous said...

hug a yak. its safer than standing on your head. i've done it.