The T2 Experience.

Rohini gave some girl who's doing an article for the T2 my number. The article, Rohini told me, was about people just about to step into college and their thoughts on that.

Sounds semi interesting, right?

So when the girl called, I was all ready to talk about the pains I'm facing via Literature vs. History and Stepehens vs. Jadavpur.

This is how the conversation went:

Girl: Hi, did Rohini tell you about me?

Me: Yes, yes she did.

Girl: Cool. Ok, basically I'm from T2 and we're doing a spread about what people- freshman like yourself- are going to wear to college on the first day.

Me: Huh?

Girl: Ya. So. What are you going to wear?

Me: Uh. I haven't actually got into all my colleges yet.

Girl: But like, obviously you're going to wear different things to different places. Like, you wouldn't wear the same thing to Stephens and JU. You'd dress according to the environment right?

Me: Uh. No.

Girl: So you've given no thought to what you're going to wear?

Me: Hahahahaha.

(I always laugh when I'm nervous and uncomfortable)

Girl: *silence*

Me: Uh, probably something casual. What I usually wear. I wouldn't like, prepare anything special or something. Just whatever's in my cupboard. I mean, my fashion sense isn't heneious so I should be safe.

Girl: Riiiight.

Me: Yeah.

Girl: Anyway can we get your picture for T2?

Me: Huh?

Girl: Can. We. Take. A. Picture. Of. You. For. The. Article. Which. Is. Going. To. Be. Coming. Out. In. The. T2.

Me: *immensely flustered by the thought of my picture coming out in the papers even if it's a lame newspaper like the T2 where everyone's pictures come out* Uh, I don't know if I'm free tomorrow. Can I let you know by tonight.

Girl: *disapprovingly* Okay.

I spent the rest of the evening thinking about what I was going to wear and flexing my arms in the mirror to see if they were looking fat. Frantically began wishing I hadn't been eating so much the past couple of days. Finally, I told myself to stop being an ass and texted her saying I'd be able to meet her. There were furthur complications regarding the venue (I was under the impression they'd be coming to my house- which is a crime, judging by the reaction I got) and I went to sleep, my head full of clothes.

All for nothing.

I was supposed to meet them at ten and I woke up at ten thirty.

My lameness surprises even me at times.


iwannabefree said...

Sooooo you Trish!!!!!!!!!Happy picking clothes! that girl sure is frustrated!

blinknmiss said...

Stephens. Heinous.

And you're evil. You are. But I like it.

Zaev Dutt said...


I'm the loser?? Have you read what you wrote?? HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

I can't stop laughing here!!!


Lameness: Thy name is Trisha Dutt!

rahildevgan said...

its heinous and further. something like posthumous?

Death On Two Legs said...

I'm worrying about what to wear to the Loreto interivew.

A friend told me that jeans is too casual. My mother insists that a 'modern, young girl' like myself should be able to wear jeans just about anywhere.

Opinions are helpful, huh?

joey said...

may i have the last laugh?
for i know the extended version of this joke.