In My Defence.

My mother read the entry I wrote on the trip to Jadavpur University and got very offended by the following lines:

"The slogans got louder, especially as the car passed. But thankfully I didn't understand them because they were in Bengali."

She also resented the fact that I made it sound like I was stepping foot into foreign territory.

So mother, I would like to make it clear that:
1) I'm very aware of the fact that Bengali blood that flows through my veins.
2) I do understand Bengali, having been forced to study it for the past twelve years.
3) The fact that I understand Bengali has been proven by my ISC Bengali marks which were a respectable 64%.

However, in my defence, I would like to state that words like Oposhongshkriti are words that I have yet to come across in both school syllabi and in what I ask Bouchi (cook) to make for lunch at home.

Which is really the extent of my Bengali.

And that's your fault. Not mine.


joey said...

This reminds me off your bangla essay -borsha kal.where you went on about how the taxi fare in gariahat is hiked because off the waterlogging.heh.

Zaev Dutt said...

Fight .. Fight... People.. Fight!! :-D

Mob mentality always gets the better of me.

iwannabefree said...

Joey's right!It also reminds me of the time when you had to right eechore paakaa and you wrote peechoner paathaa!!!!!!!!lol! no offence