I was just scrolling through my blog, reading all my old posts, when I came across an interesting one I'd written on haircuts.

The theory I was propagating was this: Once you get a haircut, your life will change. But it has to be DIFFERENT- not the Joey/Shalmi type.

I'm more convinced than ever about this because I've experienced it firsthand. After ISC, I went to Bridget Jones' parlour and I got a haircut. That was the first time I went to Bridget and I solemnly vow I'm never going to anyone else as long as I live. She identified my hair problem straight away (it's too straight and limp) and explained how she was going to correct it (lots of layers, Trisha) and as I sat there, in that swivel chair, I felt safe. Not only safe, but contented.

I was right to trust her. That was a seriously awsome haircut.

This is what happened to me after:

1) I embarked on my Amazing Holiday. Granted it was planned way before the haircut, but it would have been much less Amazing with that old limp hair.

2) I came back home and suddenly there were lots of boys running after me. And by lots, I mean at least four. Without exaggeration. Now, this has caused problems on its own because quite honestly, I am attracted to no one. None of them are particularly hot/intelligent/charming/Mr Darcyish so I spend most of my time running away from them like a startled fawn. Or a thundering elephant, according to my father. Whatever. But it's done wonders for my ego and let's face it, I suffer from such low self esteem this could only be a good thing.

3) I did extremely well in ISC. Like seriously. I kicked ass. I'm now considered the most intelligent member in the family (on both sides). This is not really an achievement since my mother's side is full of self righteous Bengalis- for example, I have an uncle who apparently believes he is the Prince of Purulia and my father's side is full of weird alcoholics and druggies who are all too busy marrying and divorcing to bother with intellectual achievement. But still. When you look at the number of people belonging to my extended families (all my great grandparents must have been very fond of sex), it is quite an achievement.
Granted, ISC was BEFORE I got my haircut. But the results- which were the sweetest part- came after. So ha.

4) My nose has gone smaller. Seriously. At least, it looks smaller. At least three people have told me this. Now, when I look at myself in the mirror, if I'm having a good day, I catch an occasional glimpse of my eyes or mouth. It's not always All Nose.

5) There are actually many more points but unfortunately, since this is a semi public forum, I can't put them down because they're too juicy. Haha.

So, once again, I repeat the theory I'm going to live by for the rest of my life. Good Haircuts Change Lives. (Bad haircuts change lives too but in a different way)

Yesterday, Tanvi came over to go through some stuff for the JU entrance exam. In the evening, once we were done, I dragged her off to Bridget so I could get another haircut. She sat reading Browning and I confidently (I've never had such confidence in a hairdresser before) sat myself in the swivel chair.

Bridget came and asked me whether I had anything in mind.

"No, I trust you," I said, smiling beatifically.

She started snipping my hair.

Once again, my faith in her has been justified. It's a good haircut.

I look forward to new changes in my life.


iwannabefree said...

Awww...Trish did all that reeeaaalllyyy happen to you, girl??

blinknmiss said...

I think I've already mentioned how much I hate haircutting places. Yes, even Bridget. Not that I'm particularly itching for a change in my life, so whatever.

rhea said...

my haircut is immensely faltoo. i suppose that's why everything is the same.
well, good for you. i was wondering what made you look so different. even the dead teeth are less noticeable now.

Zaev Dutt said...

I'm drunk enough to tell you without shame and agenda, you are a brat of a sister.

But, I still love you. Go figure.