Okay, my exams start on the 4th. 

I reach Delhi tomorrow night. I haven't studied anything. Like, not a single thing. All my books are still in my suitcase. It doesn't matter. I can do this. 

It's the first paper I'm worried about because that paper's the first. If I start studying by nine - I'll bring five cans of Red Bull back with me - and I study non stop till six, I should manage. Three hours for Chaucer, an hour and a half for Othello, and three hours for poetry. That's seven and a half hours. Plus extra time for panicking and pacing up and down my room, calling Min and whining about how I'm going to fail, throwing tantrums, and taking a ten minute nap. It's sorted. 

I'm going to ace that paper. Or at least pass. Yeah. 

Anyway today's my birthday so I'm not going to think about that. Today I'm going to enjoy the specialness of being twenty (eek. It doesn't seem possible) and drink until I drop. 

Tomorrow, I will worry. Tomorrow, I will turn over a new leaf. 


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Sayan said...

redbull kills. you'll pass. new leaf? nope.