Today is my first day back at work. And time, obviously, is crawling by. I'd forgotten how deadening it is to sit in front of a computer screen all day. And there is no work to do, nada, which a part of me is grateful for because I don't think I remember how to work.

But because I am, as always, starting out the year attempting to be productive and focused, I have made yet another vow to immerse myself in my job, to prioritise it above everything else, to self-train and self-learn and self-teach myself in order to one day become a Master Copywriter.

So I made a list of books on advertising to read/study/absorb. And I diligently started with the first one, I've even taken notes. But after a couple of hours, I slid into stalking people on Facebook and rating the dresses worn at the Golden Globe awards. It's okay, I'm human. I'll start again once I've caught up with Buzzfeed.

It isn't all that bad being back here. Home was waiting for me. S. failed to realise I wanted him to pick me up from the airport (it's not like I told him I did, I'm incapable of saying these things out loud). But he soon realised his stupidity (after I called him an asshole) and I couldn't be upset once I got home. There were flowers and there was wine and red meat in the freezer, and my carpets had been sent for dry-cleaning. So nice.

I expected the cats to greet me with affection - I missed them terribly - but they are cats, so I was greeted with supreme indifference instead. Whatever. I'll get a dog one day. That'll show them.

I want to start writing in this blog more regularly, and to write about funny things, not long rambling results of boredom. I've already started a journal. I start a journal regularly every six weeks, but this time I am determined to write in it every single day. Even if it's along the lines of, "Today sucks." or "I don't feel like writing." or the brief yet eloquent "Blah." I've already written quite a lot even though its only been two days since I started it, but every time I go back to read something, my eyes glaze over, it's that boring. At least I don't have to worry about people reading it.

I'm going to go and write in it some more now. No one can judge me for having nothing interesting to say. I will try to make my next post more interesting although I highly doubt it. Optimism was one of my resolutions for this year - but given the past few months, even that is seriously pushing it. 

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there... stay optimistic ;)