HR's friend won 4 free flight tickets to Goa. Tomorrow.

So I have to finish writing about the last trip and then tomorrow's (if it's memorable enough, I hope it will be). 

So much writing to do. About being a bum on the beach. And moving to another beach to continue being a bum there. And then I have to talk about all the beer, and attempt not to black out so I can write something more interesting than "I blacked out". And I'll have to talk about long motorcycle rides through the twisted roads, golden fried calamari and authentic pork vindaloo, the calm hand of time holding back the mad rush of minutes to replace it with something slower, something infinitely - blah, blah, blah. You get the picture. 

And now I have to write about two trips, not just one. 

So dull, so boring, so effort-full.


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