The Beauty of the Stupid.

I had a really bad week. And then I emerged from it feeling wild and reckless and determined to do something stupid. A haircut wouldn't cut it (haha - did you see what I did there?). Besides, I have no hair left to cut.

So what stupid thing could I do? And mind you, I wanted to embrace deliberate stupidness, I wanted to be impulsive, I wanted to be ridiculous, I wanted to be all those things. Because I think it's important sometimes to do something meaningless, to do something that makes most people go, "why the hell did you do that?", because it also helps you to not give a shit about what people think and to go with your own gut instinct. To never explain. (Even though I'm totally explaining right now, what a hypocrite I am, haha.)

And I decided what I wanted to do.

I consulted many people within the space of a couple of hours. My father was dead against it - that made me pause for a second. My father's never told me not to do something. When I hung up, I nearly decided not to do it. I knew I'd probably regret it, but that just added to the thrill.

So I did what I wanted to do.

And it was stupid, and a lot of people don't like it, and it means I can't drink this weekend, but  to hell with all that.

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Anonymous said...

Aaaaand your pulling it off bro.