When you take the best thing that's ever happened to you,
Something you really fought to hold.
And you roll it up like yesterday's newspaper, and then scrunch it,
Maybe toss it around a little, as if you were playing with a tennis ball,
And then you throw it aside.
And forget about it for half a second.
And then step on it.
And then you stare at it, for a moment
Not quite sure what you're seeing.
And then you see it. Really see it.
So you pick it up and frantically lay it on a table.
And spread it out, trying to smoothen the creases.
Hands trembling, unable to believe what they did.
And you desperately hope it's been saved, that it's not a lost cause
But you start to realize you'll never get it back.

And then, with a surge, it goes out with the tide.
And you realize it, wholly. 

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Anonymous said...

People forgive if they really love you...Things come back if they were really meant to be.