Goa: Part III.

We spent all of Sunday on Anjuna beach. I fell asleep in the sun, and when I woke up, I pretty much looked like an over grilled tomato.

"Is my nose peeling yet?" I asked Mawii, worriedly.

She looked at me critically.

"Not yet,"

Later, we debated on whether we should try to buy some ecstasy.

"I'm twenty one and I'm nearly done with college and I've never tried a hard drug," I said to Mawii, as we sat in Curlies enjoying a late lunch. "I wouldn't mind trying one just to see what it's like."

She nodded in agreement.

"But on the other hand," I continued. "I can barely handle dope. What if I go insane? What if I have a panic attack and my heart can't cope and I die?"

"You're not going to die,"

"I might die,"

"Don't do it then,"

"But I want to do it,"

I called Aditya and asked him where to get drugs. He told me to go to Rocky's, and I took out the map, and looked at it, and after much discussion, I managed to pin point where Rocky's was.

"You should also find the lagoon behind Anjuna," Aditya told me. "If you walk to the end of the beach, and climb over the rocks, you should be able to see it."

Drugs are nothing compared to lagoons.

"Fuck the drugs," I said to Mawii. I suddenly lost all desire to traipse around Goa looking for drugs. I can barely handle reality as it is; the last thing I needed, I realised, was to make sense of it after my mind had been addled by ecstasy. "Let's just go to the lagoon and spend the evening there, and then maybe have a drink later."

Mawii seemed to like this plan.

So after we were done, we walked to the end of the beach - there were lots of rocks there, and they curved to the left, below the edge of a cliff. We climbed over the rocks, and I stood still.

What I saw were even more rocks: they encroached the sea, forming pools of water. The beach was narrow, but empty, and a little further on, it disappeared completely - the sea threw itself at the rocks at the bottom of the cliff. There was one particularly large pool of water that must have been Aditya's lagoon. It was framed by boulders, and the water was silver grey and perfectly still.

 I took my things off and waded through it. It was deeper than I thought - the water came up to my waist - and the bottom comprised pebbles, rocks, and boulders. It took all my concentration to keep my balance. I moved through the water, towards a large mountain of rock; the sea lay beyond it. A crab scuttled away as I stepped foot on to the first stone, and I gulped nervously, and robustly told myself that a crab bite would make for funny bar conversation. Then I started climbing, not very elegantly.

All the rocks were covered in broken bits of shell, and it must have occurred over hundreds of years because you couldn't see the stone, all you could see were perfectly preserved pieces of embedded shell, an eerie shade of green and bronze, and the entire edifice shimmered gold where the sun struck it. It sloped downwards, and I sat on the slope, carefully on top of a rock, and suddenly, there was nothing between myself and the sea. It was violent here; it lashed furiously at the rocks, trying to break them. I was cautious for once, and didn't attempt to move lower; it was easy to see how effortlessly the sea could have pulled me off my perch, and then thrown me back against the rocks.

I did get a taste of that. The waves were barely coming up to my feet, but they started getting more aggressive, and I still didn't move. A particularly big wave threw itself over me, and for a moment, I was blinded, and I tasted salt water in my mouth, and I was flung - not very gently - a few paces back, landing against a sharp pile of rocks.

I groaned: there were tiny cuts and bruises on my elbow and my knee, and they bloody hurt. Second mishap of the holiday, but it wasn't too bad.

I made my way back to Mawii, scratching myself against rubbery pieces of red rock I was convinced was coral.

She was sitting on top of a little rock, in the middle of one of the pools, and beamed at me as I splashed my way towards her.

"I feel like a mermaid," she said happily.

She did look like a mermaid, that had been my first thought as well, but instead I said, "I think I scratched myself on some coral, do you think it's infected and I'll need to get something amputated? Because I read this book about someone in Australia who scratched his thumb on a piece of coral and he had to get it amputated."

"I don't think so," she said looking out to sea, and I let the matter go.

I sat on a rock too, but this one was underwater, so the water came up to my shoulders. There were a line of little rocks forming an uneven path through the water; Mawii climbed off her rock and started leaping from one to the other, before crouching down. It looked like she was sitting on the sea. I took her place on the big rock, and I felt like a mermaid too. After a little while of playing let's-pretend-i'm-a-mermaid-sunning-myself-about-to-dive-down-to-my-underworld-home, I headed back to the beach, careful to avoid the thousands of little snails that clung to the rocks, which were disappearing as the sea rose.

I took a last look back at the lagoon, and I felt grateful to Aditya, because without him, I wouldn't have found it. I was glad that we'd chosen it over the drugs, and I stood there, enjoying the moment, until a sudden ache in my back reminded me of my accident earlier, and muttering obscene words, I stomped back to the beach.

After it grew dark, Mawii and I went to a tiny shack next to Curlies, and I had the best chocolate shake of my life there.

"Even if we don't do drugs," I said to her, "I wouldn't mind a bit of hash or something."

"How do we find it?"

"Aditya said to just ask people. He said everyone here is on drugs, and druggies are more than willing to share. He asked the waiter at Curlies whether they had any acid,"

"Did they have any acid?"


So when our waiter came up to us, Mawii (because I absolutely refused to) tentatively asked him whether he knew where to find "stuff to smoke".

"Go to Curlies," he told us. "They will know."

So we went to Curlies. The men downstairs seemed unfriendly, so we tiptoed our way upstairs to where we usually sat. Mawii pounced on the first waiter we saw, who was close to our age, and relatively harmless looking.

"Do you know where we can get something to smoke?"said Mawii, in a low tone.

"Come here," he conspiratorially led us to a table and we sat down. Did we want hash, or weed, he asked us.

"Hash," said Mawii, and I nodded, feeble and invisible, behind her.

"Well, my friend sells a tola for fifteen hundred - "

"That's too expensive," she said decisively.

"In that case, I can give you some," he said generously. "But it'll only be enough for a few joints. Did you ask anyone downstairs?"

We assured him that that would be fine, and that no, we did not ask anyone downstairs for drugs. He looked what I felt - relieved.

He disappeared for a bit, and while we were sitting there, a waiter came over to ask us what we wanted.

"We've ordered already, thanks,"said Mawii smoothly, while I goggled behind her.

Our waiter sidled up to us soon after and handed Mawii a little package. We asked him how much it was, and with a little wave of his hand, he informed us it was free. We thanked him profusely, and sang ninety nine bottles of beer on the way home.

We went to bed very happy that night, even me, despite the fact that my nose, as expected, had begun to peel.

Later, I told Aditya about how we got free hash. I admit, I was bragging a little. He disillusioned me instantly.

"It's because you're a girl. Don't think you're anything special. Women always get free shit," he told me.

Later, Sharma confirmed this.

"I remember when we were at Curlies and there was a cute Russian chick there," he said fondly. "She wanted stuff to smoke so we gave her ours,"

"For free?"

"She was cute," as if that explained everything, which it probably did, in their strange little world.



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