Valentine's Day

I don't really pay attention to Valentine's Day, but this year, I wanted to celebrate it - mostly because I needed an excuse to have a good time, to do something fun.

"We should celebrate Valentine's Day this year," I said to Mawii, the night before.

"Eh?" An understandable reaction.

"Tomorrow I'm going to go to CP and buy chocolate covered strawberries and port wine," I said, my eyes glazing over at the thought of the chocolate covered strawberries.

Mawii's eyes glazed over too.

A little while later, Rhea Dubey accosted me on chat.

"BRO. Watcha doing on Valentines?"

"Drinking wine and watching a film with a devastatingly handsome male lead," was my answer - or something along those lines.

"My school friends want to hang out - "

"Fuck them. Join us," was my eloquent invitation.

"Yeah. They all have boyfriends they're going to ditch me for. But you're the one friend I have who's single!"

Aren't I obliging?

Anyway, so Valentine's Day dawned bright and clear, and I got no texts, no flowers, no messages, but I'm already resigned to the fact I shall probably die alone so it doesn't matter, and I cycled off to college, singing What A Wonderful World in an attempt to convince myself that it is indeed a wonderful world and not a lost cause, as I often fear it is.

After college, I was dead tired, and I gave up on the idea of CP, I gave up on the idea of celebrating, and came straight back to the PG and climbed into bed.

"I'll go buy some wine in the evening," I told Mawii, because she was tired too and I thought she was planning on going home in which case I was going to spend the evening drinking alone out of a bottle. Very appropriate.

But that didn't happen - Naintara landed up out of the blue, and then Rhea and Ketki came over, with that wonderfully cheap port wine you get in plastic bottles, and rum, and beer. It was nice, it was really nice. We all sat around and drank the wine and watched Misfits. Ketki drank more than she usually does, and then decided to light a joint, and naturally, she had to throw up after that.

Mawii and I are incapable of handling our own vomit let alone someone else's. She stared at me, hoping I'd take control. I stared at her thinking, Me? Have you seen my side of the room? You really think I'm going to deal with this?

We both dealt with it - rather admirably. Nain and Rhea conveniently left soon after, and eventually, Mawii and I dragged Ketki to her car. She stopped on the way to throw up on some of Mrs Khera's flowers, but as I remarked to Mawii, at least there's some part of the PG that is forever Ketki. We tucked her into her car, the driver looked at us very disapprovingly, and waved as she drove off.

"Now what do we do?" I asked Mawii.

There was half a bottle of rum left, and I'd stashed whatever remained of Ketki's joint, so, it turns out, we found plenty to do.

At one point, I went to the shop to buy cigarettes. It was dark, the air was crisp and cool, and all was right with my world. I was giving myself a pep talk on the future. It will all be fine, said my mind, you've been panicking over nothing. Just study everyday, study as much as Supurna, and you'll be fine. You'll graduate college, and I'm sure some sort of college abroad will want to take you in, you're not a complete retard, and then you can go to London and live at the National Gallery and eat lots of strawberries in summer, and nothing will ever go wrong -

I was interrupted by a pack of cows. I'd already bought the cigarettes and I was walking back towards the PG, but they'd decided to hang out in the middle of the road, and I'm not sure what happened, but one of them broke loose and started coming towards me. I am NOT afraid of cows, but this one was moving towards me with a purpose, if you know what I mean, and it had a very menacing look in its big cow shaped eyes, and it let out a low, warning moo. I fled. The cow ran after me.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!" I screamed.

"MOOOOOOOOOO!" Yelled the cow.

But I beat the cow, and flung myself through our gate and then ran to our room and burst into it.

"I GOT CHASED BY A COW!" I shouted to Mawii, flinging the cigarettes at her. She looked at me with the befuddled expression of someone who's drunk, and after I repeated the story three or four times, gave a cursory little laugh and turned her attention back to the rum. Being a Mizo of Principle, she always has her priorities very fixed.

Ipshita joined us later, and we shared the rum with her, and all three of us took lots of photos with my webcam and put up an album on facebook then and there (the next morning, I saw it up on facebook, and I was like, WHAT. THE. FUCK. and Mawii was also like, OH. BLOODY. HELL. and we both hastily deleted it) and then we ordered pizza and then Ipshita brought out a joint.

It was a good day.

At one point, I started staring at Mawii.

"What is it?" said Mawii.

"This is our last Valentine's Day together," I said sadly.

She started laughing.

"It is!" I said indignantly.

"You're such a fool,"

Considering she was also wearing a purple flower clip in her hair, in honour of the occasion, there were many things I could have said to her. But I decided to be noble and let it go.

Happy Valentine's Day, folks.

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Anonymous said...

and may your hearts be plentiful! =D