Delhi's really cold. I don't remember if it's as cold as last year, probably not, but it's cold enough. Thank goodness for thermal underwear. I'm not kidding - I'm wearing thermal leggings under my track pants, and I'm wearing a thermal vest under my two t-shirts and thick sweater, and I still feel the need to lie shivering under one blanket and two duvets.

It's good being back though. I never realise how fond I am of Delhi, and of college, until I spend a month away from both. The it's-good-being-back-feeling really hit me when I walked into college yesterday, and the sun was out, and I saw all these familiar faces by the dhaba tree, all doing the usual things. One was staring blankly at a book, the other was marching up and down, legs working in military precision as he sipped tea, and the Philosophy students were, as usual, engaged in deep conversation with their professors.

The last non-academic conversation I had with one of my professors, was when I showed Roy my medical certificate and he told me that he had the same doctor. "Very good with lungs," he said, with a smirk. Yes, Dr Roy, you would know, and my own lungs being in a precarious state, or so my mother always (loudly) claims, the news relieved me a bit.

And it's such a relief having Mawii around again. We made a trip to Costa to catch up, and I told her my winter stories, and she made just the kind of remarks I wanted to hear, and laughed just when laughter was supposed to occur, and made what-a-douche faces just when a what-a-douche face was needed.

Anyway, I don't want to brag or anything, but I'm really keeping up with my New Year Resolutions. Have hardly been smoking, I've already got down to work, and I switch my laptop off every night and put it away in its case, and I've locked my camera up. So: 1) being healthy, 2) being productive, 3) being careful with possessions. Sorted.

Anyway, my life is going to be boring for the next few months, but this kind of boring is alright, because it's not boring really, just monotonous, and I've realised that this monotony - which I've become accustomed to over the past three years - will be over soon, and I'll never get it back. In May, I graduate, and then the excitement, the step down that road I believe is called the-rest-of-my-life, all that will happen, and I'm looking forward to it so much, it's like this great big blurry light locked away inside me and spinning madly, but for now I've sort of tucked it away, because this - this moment right here, lying on my bed, with my books spread out around me, and Mawii checking her Blackberry, this is precious, simply because there aren't too many moments like this left, and it's making me appreciate things I've always complained about before.

It's funny how even the dullest, most familiar of things take on a certain glow once you realise that they won't last forever.

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