People are just so nice, man.

I went to the convenience store behind the PG, and the man there - I fondly refer to him as Peter Pettigrew #1 (the story of Peter Pettigrew #2 shall be saved for later) - told me had a present for me.

"A present?" I said, surprised.

He opened the fridge where he keeps the soda and took a piece of chocolate, carefully wrapped, out.

"My friend got me a box from Thailand. I saved one for you. It's filled with wine."

"For me?" I was so touched, I nearly blubbered.

"Try it,"

And I did, and wine exploded in my mouth.


I gave him a thumbs up, talked a bit about Thailand, and, throwing will power to the wind, bought a pack of cigarettes. I  figured it was the least I could do.

What can I say? The world has its fair share of nasty people, but there are also those who surprise and delight and they matter so much more. 

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