I was just explaining to Mawii how I've sunk to a very, very low place the past few weeks - maybe months. From tomorrow things are going to change. How? Here's how:

1. I will go running every day, not sporadically, but regularly, faithfully, and - er - tirelessly. This will release endorphins into my blood stream and make me a happy, cheerful individual. It will also mean that I'll be able to parade around beaches in my sexy red swimming costume without sucking my tummy in.

2. I will stop smoking up before I go to sleep at night. I'll rely on the exercise to make me sleepy, not weed. I don't smoke up during the day, or with people, so that's alright. But the night thing has to go too.

3. Reading's increased, but needs to increase more. Apart from college work - which I will do sincerely and punctually - I will read at least three non college related books per week.

4. I'm going to stop saying nasty (although hilariously funny, seriously) things about people as well. And make an effort to talk to people I don't know instead of staring through them as if they're invisible.

5. I will be neater. An organised environment makes for an organised mind or something similar and ridiculous. So. I will a) make my bed every morning, b) not leave ashtrays scattered around on the floor, c) not leave empty water bottles and juice boxes scattered on the floor, d) not leave dirty laundry scattered on the floor, d) do my laundry twice a week, e) dust my room.

6. I AM GOING TO STOP SMOKING. Eventually. For now, I will reduce it. Starting tomorrow, I'm not going to let myself have more than five cigarettes and I will gradually reduce them from there. I've bought a pipe, and I will keep it in my mouth constantly and suck on it and thereby satisfy my oral fixation (oh, Freud) without slowly killing myself at the same time.

Okay, I think that's about it.

I don't expect all this to miraculously happen overnight, but starting tomorrow (tomorrow is such a convenient concept, but I'm serious) I will follow these guidelines. It should be easier now that I've actually written them out.

Oh yeaaaaaah. I love overhauling my soul. 


Anonymous said...

Atta girl...! :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go girl! But... how's it going?