Two bearded men flash on the screen. You can tell they're Muslims. Curly beards without moustaches, caps and sherwanis, dressed in Indian colours. They're cheering like mad, leaping up and down, because India just scored a four and Pakistan looks thoroughly fed up.

"That's weird," someone says. "How come they're wearing Indian colours?"

No one reacts. They're too busy watching Zaheer Khan attempt to hit a six.

They taught us in school how India is a secular country. It echoes everywhere, despite the turmoil, despite the unfairness, despite the saffron tinged jaundiced newspapers.

It only takes a stray comment like that, from someone who is oh-so-smart-doing-her-MA-reads-a-lot-you-know-always-up-to-date-with-the-news-strong-supporter-of-this-and-that-just-what-a-twenty first century-modern-girl-should-be, to make you realise just how ugly the faces underneath the masks could be.

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Ankita said...

typical. infuriating.