Min: A Profile.

"If you send this message to 25 people, you will find true love within 24 hours. If you don't, you will die alone."

"Stop being a loser."

"Whatever, Trish. You could send this to fifty people, and you'd die alone anyway. So don't worry." 

"Min, is it okay if I don't dress up for your birthday party?"


"Well I'm not going to dress up." 

"Then don't come."

"I'm supposed to be your best friend." 


"Trish, there is nothing wrong with red satin hearts and teddy bears."

"They're disgusting."

"They're sweet. You're just jealous because no one ever gave you red satin hearts and teddy bears." 


"Ya. Exactly. See how well I know you." 

"He's damn nice, Trish. Just don't let him see what a freak you are and things will be okay." 

"I don't know why we're friends, Trish." 

"Yeah, I like The Rolling Stones and you like Bollywood music." 

"Exactly. Who else would be friends with someone who thinks Mick Jagger is sexy?" 

Wednesday: "We went to Plush last night. It was sooo much fun."

Next Wednesday: "We went to Plush last night. I got sooo drunk."

The Wednesday after that: "My parents are making me stay at home. You're so lucky you don't live with your parents."

Another Wednesday: "We went to Plush last night. There's nothing else to do on Wednesdays."

"What are you doing Friday night, Min? Going to Sheesha?"

"Yeah. Though we might go to Plush."

"I walked in on Kimi having a bath once. It was sooo embarrassing."

"That happens to me all the time."

"You're slutty so it doesn't count."

"I thought they were friends with me because of Tanvi Pandey but they actually genuinely like me. It's not surprising. I'm very easy to get along with."

"I'm writing a blogpost about you.What do you think defines our friendship?"

"Bad luck, big mistakes, and shitty men." 

"Is that all it is?" 

"Animated Disney movies." 



"Don't worry, Trish. I'm sure there's more to it." 

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