Ten Things Psycho Has Taught Me

1. Do not steal money from your employer because Karma will bite you in the ass for it.

2. If a cop is following you, hunching shoulders, furtive glances and an unsteady voice are the reasons behind it. Learn to lie better.

3. If you come across a motel which has no other guests, leave immediately.

4. Avoid men with a mother complex.

5. Stuffing animals (and people) is not a nice hobby.

6. Always lock the bathroom door. Always. ALWAYS.

7. If you want to talk to an old woman who ostensibly lives in the creepy house on the hill, do yourself a favour and don't.

8. If you must investigate a matter because your curiosity won't allow otherwise (poor fool), make sure you are accompanied by a tall, strong and preferably handsome man.

9. Actually, make sure you are always accompanied by a tall, strong and preferably handsome man.

10. While in a strange place, never walk around naked because chances are there is a creepy psychopath spying on you.


Bosey said...

psycho has a strange effect on people. i had this thing about showers in hotels...

Zaev Dutt said...

The only person I see ignoring all the tips would be you. Now that's Irony!

blinknmiss said...

This is when I realise you meant the movie, not the subject taught by Ma'am Jain...

Yeah. Moving on.