I have an assignment that's due tomorrow. I should have worked on it this afternoon but I spent all day watching That 70s Show instead. Then I decided that since I can't work at night, I should just go to sleep and wake up at four and do it.
So by ten I was in bed. Tossed for an hour, worrying about it.
Got up. Drank three cups of coffee, smoked lots of cigarettes and sat down to it.
I finished it in forty five minutes. I think I entered a higher plane.
But I can't get to sleep now. Because of all that coffee that was supposed to keep me up till three am.
The next time I do something like this, I should remember I'm a genius.


PookaGirl said...

winging it, thats what you do

Weirdo guy said...

^ that's what we ALL do.

'nuff said.