T2 Part 2.

This is very funny. Seriously.

Remember in one of my posts, I was talking about the T2 girl? Anyway, after T2 girl called me and the documented conversation occurred and she told me she'd give me a time, I got a text from a number saying, "Trish, is ten am tomorrow ok with you?"

Naturally I assumed it was T2 girl .

So I sent her a text saying I'd let her know. Later that night, I texted the number saying would they come to my house to take the photograph. I think I've already mentioned this before- T2 girl sent a very rude text back saying that she would meet me at St Xaviers at ten.

Anyway, like I said, I fell asleep so it never happened.

AFTER that, I got a strange text from T2 girl asking "whether the office (was) open". Naturally, I was confused. What office was she talking about? The Telegraph Office? So I sent her a very polite text asking her what office she was referring to. The reply I got was highly insulting. Apparently it was the Xaviers office and apparently I was a fool/moron/something. I was so surprised by the rudeness of T2 girl that I didn't reply. Then I got a phone call from her where she spoke to me about college offices very rudely.

I was extremely glad that I hadn't gone to take that stupid picture. I fervently hoped T2 girl's article would be pictureless.

Two days later, I called Jayatri for Joey's number. She gave me a number and I called it and T2 girl's name popped up on the screen. What a strange coincidence.

So I called Jayatri back and told her she'd given me the wrong number- either she knew T2 girl and gave me her number instead of Joey's by mistake or she actually changed a digit by accident and by some huge horrible coincidence, it was T2 girl's number.

I was convinced that I'd never escape T2 girl. We were bound together forever.

But Jayatri insisted it was Joey's number so I called again and T2 girl picked up. And then for the first time, I realised that the voice was familiar. I'd heard it over and over again in Elective English class, squealing over Auden and abusing Yeats. I'd heard it pass snide comments about people in the school corridor. I'd heard it repeatedly drawing the world's attention to the size of my nose.

T2 girl was Joey.

I sat and explained the whole story to Joey who laughed.

Two days later I got a call from a different number. It was T2 girl. She spoke very politely and asked me to go to South City for a photoshoot along with Aditya, Vikram and Siddharth. So we went. Not Siddharth because he had to go for his Art of Living class where he has to breathe for three hours at a stretch in order to get rid of all the toxins in his body (he puts them all back as soon as class is over) But I took Saptarshi instead.

The photographer took the photos (to my relief, T2 girl wasn't there) and we all looked like morons.

This is the end of the T2 saga.



blinknmiss said...

T2 girl is not Joey and neither is Joey T2 girl. You're just a colossal moron is all.

But yes, that was funny.

iwannabefree said...

truly hilarious. Must say that u should be happy now. Your moronic picture will now appear in T2. Can't wait! Lol

joey said...

Arrey,my rudeness was justified.You were suggesting that we could get ourselves admitted into xaviers at ur house for crying out loud.
Naturally I called you a moron.

rhea said...


you are the greatest fool. ah well. that's probably a good thing.