What is happiness?

Happiness is waking up in the morning, pillow feeling cold under your head from the delicious cool air of the AC, the room dark because the curtains are drawn with no glimmer of sun to hurt your eyes, and closing them again to wake up in the afternoon.

Happiness is having three friends over to spend the night, ticking off movie lists one by one, no one really watching the screen because it is so much more thrilling to discuss who so-and-so is now dating and why so-and-so slept with the ugly boy.

Happiness is going out with your friends at night and drinking, drinking, drinking and laughing, laughing, laughing and stumbling home at one in the morning, proudly announcing to your mother that you're drunk.

Happiness is having piles and piles of books, biographies and fantasy and fiction, that can now be read, cover to cover but even though you dont because you're never at home, it's nice to know you can.

Happiness is watching your mother go upstairs at eleven pm because she has work the next day and you dont.

Happiness is burning your KK Ghai Pol Science book in your bathroom at 2 am and having your maid wake up, smell the smoke and start screaming because she thinks the house is on fire.



blinknmiss said...

Is it also happiness to know it will only last an odd month or so?

trish said...

shalmi. do you know that you have the ability to turn a ray of sunshine into a dollop of cold, wet fog?

sunrise said...

I love you, you're beautiful.

full tilt said...

did you really burn the ghai ? i have to be useful and give all my old textbooks to myriad less fortunate persons. sad is life.