i know everything.

I should be studying psychology right now. But I'm not. Because I know everything. Except Statistics but that doesn't count. What's to know?

2364444446: Mode is 4.

2 2 2: Mean is 2.

See? And the Median is the point above which and below which 50% of the cases lie. Therefore, the Median is the midpoint.

And the Normal Probability Curve looks like an upside down bell. When it is skewed, it looks like a bell made out of plasticine and stretched out of shape. No big deal.

The range is the difference between the highest score and the lowest score. Standard deviation is...okay fine. One thing I don't know. Once again, no big deal.

And they better ask me a question on Carl Jung. I know Jung inside out. I also know that his name is pronounced Yoong, unlike most of my class.

I like Carl Jung. Collective unconcious: experiences shared by all human beings, part of our biological heritage. Archetypes are manifests of the collective unconscious. This is why certain concepts or images like sun, hero, wise old man, mother are shared by all people. This is why the folklore of different cultures contain many of the same figures.

So cool.

And I know mental disorders. Most of my family seem to suffer from most of the symptoms I've read about. I have an uncle who definitely suffers from delusions of grandeur. My grandmother suffers from depression as well as delusions of persecution. One of my cousins suffers from depersonalisation disorder. I know everything about schizophrenia. Especially catatonia which is a type of schizophrenia where the schizophrenic remains in an awkward/abnormal/very uncomfortable to look at position for long periods of time.

I also know everything about stress. I am not feeling stress at the moment. No stress. But I know the causes. And effects. And ways to cope with it. Sorted. I shall never feel stress again. Whenever I do, I shall practice progressive relaxation.

What else? Oh yeah, Freud. I know Freud's theories. He was a sick bastard.

And therapies- I know all the therapies. I've been counselling my friends since I was six years old. Free association? Been there, done that. Unconditional positive regard? Ask Vikram. I have put him in an atmosphere of unconditional positive regard. Does he appreciate it? HAH!

What else? Applications of psychology? Common sense. Intelligence tests. Stanford Binet Scale. Invented in Paris in 1905. Revisions- mostly usless in my opinion- done in 1908, 1911, 1916 (bloody Stanford University), 1937 and 1960. I presume they gave up after that. Wechsler...I know how to spell his name. That's more than anyone else knows I bet.

And I know about endomorphs, ectomorphs, mesomorphs. I know about sanguine, melancholic, choleric and phlegmetic types.

I also know about introverts and extraverts (not extroverts)

I am an introvert.


Dibbasatya said...

pretty nice thing is psychology, i guess from you post. i hope i get it as an elective in college.

blinknmiss said...

You cannot possibly be serious.

trish said...

about what? the post?

i am extremely serious. plus, i convinced myself it was a way of revising.

blinknmiss said...

Isn't there a term in psychology for how people delude themselves into believing something, but are completely conscious of it?

Doublethink, Orwell called it.

You tell me.