25 random things about me which I didnt want to put up on facebook because it felt too lame.

Not that this isn't.

1. My favourite colour is green.

2. I hate seafood. Including prawn, shrimp and crabs. When I see fish served in a fish like form- you know, with the staring eyes and the tail and the open jaw and the smell, I feel like throwing up. If it's in close proximity then I actually need to dash to the loo.

3. I have a funny sort of anger. Sometimes cold and in control, other times a sort of delirious red hot rage.

4. My favourite period of history is Tudor England. Or to be more accurate, the Tudors. I also like reading about the Mughals. I seem to be drawn to dysfunctional royalty.

5. I can go to sleep at will.

6. Food makes me emotional.

7. Crying people disturb me.

8. I'm not really arrogant, I'm shy.

9. I do have stuck up snob like tendencies though.

10. I could never form a lasting relationship with a boy who doesn't read.

11. If I hadn't been born in January, I would have liked to be born in September- solely because of Louise MacNiece.

12. I think people who always go on about how their life revolves around music are lying. Most of them.

13. I'm extremely possessive about my friends.

14. I'm scared of birds, especially crows.

15. I love- really really really love- my family.

16. I always thought Harry Potter was kind of sexy.

17. Give me a sea and I'm happy.

18. I like being drunk. Wine is my favourite way to get there.

19. I judge people by the way they type.

20. Planes terrify me- especially takeoff.

21. Sometimes I lie awake and imagine the death of someone close to me and just by imagining it, I start crying.

22. I'm a very morbid person.

23. But I have an extremely happy life. Just plain and simple happy.

24. I want curly hair.

25. My favourite smell in the world is the one you get when you sniff the air just before it's about to rain.


blinknmiss said...

i feel like a copycat. i could say "me too" to 9 and a half things on this list.

full tilt said...

so would I.
especially harry potter, who I think would've been cool even without being a fated hero.

funnily, i do feel like i know you better after this. not sure if that was your intention though.

Zaev Dutt said...

Not a single point about your awesomely cool brother and how awesomely cool it is that he still reads your blog and actually makes an effort to keep in touch!

trish said...

I don't see Alan reading my blog. He's the only cool brother I have.

There's another one, but he's kind of a dork.