The Concert.

It started with Anoushka Shankar who looked the same as she does in pictures except slimmer and smaller with more makeup. Mama started howling with laughter when I asked her if they were still tuning up, ten minutes into the show. But when the second movement started, it was obvious she was not tuning up. Her fingers were moving very very fast over the sitar- skimming, actually, and they were all a blur. By the time the fifth one started, I think a few people were wanting Jethro Tull onstage. One guy shouted, "we want Jethro Tull" and I felt really bad for her but she took the microphone, thanked him "for that" and said she'd play just one more. Then she played a really fast one and left most of the audience with their mouths hanging open and departed with namaskars.

And then Jethro Tull came onstage. And everyone's eyes were on Ian Anderson. I've never seen such energy or charisma before. He moved and made strange sounds with his mouth and if it was anyone else, they would have been committed, but since it was Anderson, the crowd shrieked and whooped and applauded. I've never heard the flute played like that- it seemed to have the power of the Pied Piper.

The best bit was when Anoushka Shankar joined them and they played together. Normally fusion makes me wince but this was breathtaking. My favourite was the last song where they played a Bach. A Bach. It was enough to make him grin smugly in his grave.

The only downside was that it was too long. There was a little too much of Anoushka Shankar in the beginning which was a little unfair because everyone had really come to see Jethro Tull. I felt so sleepy I almost nodded off despite the fact that Anderson was leaping from foot to foot onstage. But then, as I have been informed by almost everyone who knows me, I am a sad, pathetic freak when it comes to music and I do not know or appreciate anything. Also, there was a wannabe rocker sitting in front of me and he kept bobbing his head everywhere and pissing me off. He did subside after I poked him fiercely on his back. Varun and Vikram kept mimicking him and when they got bored of that, they sat and stared at me to make me feel self conscious and uncomfortable. It worked. And Auntie Nandini started up strange conversations with strange strangers. I came home cold and tired and hungry.

It was a good night.


SPIRITed! said...

Was just breezing by, loved the post :)

blinknmiss said...

i did fall asleep during heavy horses and slept throughout the rest of tull's performance. i like jethro tull on record, but the excessive live metal killed it for me. plus ian just shouldn't sing any more. woke up when anoushka came back and texted a friend saying that i'd slept through tull. was asked whether my origins were in bihar. the headbanger guy next to me shot me disgusted looks.

i came for ian anderson and stayed for anoushka shankar. and yes, bach would be proud.

j.dark said...

Pah I missed it.
Trust my mother to strike up random conversations with strangers.